SÖRP®, the Radler syrup

Radler SÖRP® syrup differs from previous FruttaMax syrups not only in nature but also in its packaging.


When SÖRP® syrup contains 25% apple juice and natural aromas and extracts (beer aroma, hops, malt) is prepared with soda, the same foam is formed on the surface as if we were tapping the beer fresh. It tastes like the popular RADLER coolers in terms of taste, texture and appearance, but of course it does not contain alcohol, as it is still a syrup.


SÖRP® is a new product made in natural, lime and cherry flavors.

With its simple, clean shape, the 0.33 l transparent bottle is reminiscent of premium beers, those where quality rather than quantity is paramount.

6 bottles of 0.5 l beer can be prepared from one bottle, but it is also available in gastro packaging for 5-l bag-in-box packaging for post-mix machines.

FruttaMax SÖRP - Blueberry

Blueberry beer flavored fruit syrup with isosugar and sweeteners with reduced energy content.


For 3 liters of finished drink
25% fruit content
Dilution ratio 1: 8